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Researchers found in one study that only 10 percent (of the sampled PDE5-inhibitor medications) were 10 percent or less of the labeled dosage. When you purchase a medication that is suspected to be counterfeit, it’s possible that it contains much less active ingredient or more than the label states. It’s bad enough that you don’t get enough medicine, but medication with too much active ingredient can cause serious side effects and increase the risk of drug interactions. The contamination problem is also a serious issue. Many counterfeit manufacturers are using low-quality and potentially harmful ingredients to save money.

According to our research, online purchases of ED medications revealed contamination such as paints and inks. Please read that sentence again. These pills are not safe. In the end, transactions made with these pharmacies can be dangerous. If you buy Kamagra from an online oral jelly pharmacy that is not licensed, your personal information can be used to commit fraud. Most illicit online pharmacies are lax when it comes to the security of credit cards. Most are located overseas and do not comply with U.S. law designed to protect your personal information from fraud.

Some online pharmacies even commit fraud. AARP warns members of its organization that illicit pharmacies have links to criminal networks who steal money or use information about individuals for identity theft. For many years, ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis were not affordable due to their patent protection. The situation has changed dramatically. These generics are available at affordable prices in the US. They offer better results than unlicensed drugs like Kamagra Oral Jelly. The full guide on the most popular ED medications provides information such as how they work, dosages and side effects.

Kamagra, a medication that is usually prescribed for erectile problems, can be purchased without a prescription. The drug is produced in India and often sold without prescription. Many people buy imported Kamagra because it is a cheaper alternative to prescription medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Kamagra contains 100mg sildenafil (the active ingredient of Viagra) and is associated with a higher risk of side effects. Ordering Kamagra, which is illegal to buy, unlicensed, and unregulated is an unnecessary risk. There are safer, licensed treatment options available right here in the UK.

Kamagra, a non-licensed drug that’s usually sold online for treating erectile disorder in men. The manufacturer Ajanta Pharma claims that it contains 100mg sildenafil. This is the same active ingredient as other ED medications like Viagra, Viagra connect, and sildenafil. It should therefore work the same as other ED medications, by increasing blood circulation to your penis. This will make it easier for you to achieve and maintain a erection.

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