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If you consider yourself an expert in Apple Mac, you may be wondering what we could teach you. You might say that you are a novice, and have only just bought a Mac to look nice. But in truth you don’t know how to operate it. You wouldn’t have been alone. We hope that at least one of these tips will make the day-today operation of your Mac a little more efficient. We have compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks for Macs, whether you’ve been using Macs forever or are a newbie to macOS. There are so many features to discover.

Mac comes with keyboard shortcuts added by developers – such as Command + Space Bar for Spotlight. But you can create shortcuts from any application. You’ll only need the name of the command you wish to add. Open System Settings, by selecting the Apple Logo in the macbook air m2 15inch price in srilanka upper left corner, and then tapping Keyboard. Then, you’ll need to select ‘App Shortcuts” and then ‘Keyboard Shortcuts”. To create shortcuts, you’ll have to click the “+” button and then select the app you’d like to shortcut. You can also enter the command from the menu and the keys that you’d like to use.

It’s easy to batch rename files on Mac if you run macOS Yosemite (or later). You’ll need to first select the files that you wish to batch rename. Click on one, then press shift to select more. Right click on the highlighted group and choose ‘Rename. From the Finder, you can tap the circle in the middle with three dots. It’s super easy to take a screenshot with a Mac. Take a screen shot of the entire screen, or a portion of it. After you have taken the screenshot, it will be automatically saved to your desktop. You can click to edit.

There is a simpler way to do this than you may think. You can sign PDFs from within the Mail application, so you don’t have to use any paper. Drag the PDF file you want to sign to a new Mail email. Then, you’ll need to hover your mouse over the PDF to see an arrow in the upper right corner. You can then select “Mark up”. You will see the PDF open with the signature icon at the top. It’s a small squiggle with what looks like a sign with a left-facing cross.

If you choose to create a brand new signature, you can use the trackpad on your Mac or iPhone. You can create a signature using the iPhone or the Mac trackpad. The app that you’re working with will be the one in the center. The windows for the same application will be stacked on top of one another. If you wish to use more than one app at the same time, simply drag them onto the open app. You can then use the search bar to convert units and currencies. You can convert anything by typing it directly in the search box.

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